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So Gingerly (née Oh Ginger) was born in 2008 at a small red desk in a small 3rd floor apartment in Washington DC with a bunch of beads and a lot of creative energy. Since, So Gingerly has morphed into something more reminiscent of the scatterbrained creativity nestled within my heart and soul. And my unrepentant love of the winter holidays! I stitch, bead, decorate, and reinvent the wheel every chance I get. I'm compulsively crafty, an amateur party planner, and a strong believer in the handmade movement.

In 2009, I started the Queer Crafter Collective in DC with a group of queer and crafty friends and have reinvigorated it now and then for crafternoons. I've participated in a number of local shows, am a former member of the DC Craft Mafia, and a proud member of Team GRUMP!

What I strive to create are interesting, simple, unique, and colorful accessories for people and the places they live and love that are affordable and fun. The contents of my shop might change and fluctuate over the years, a true testament to the fact that I'm always thinking of, and trying to learn, something new.

My biggest cheerleader is my mom topped off with tons of creative energy and ideas shot down from the Big Craft Room in the Sky where my grandma and great-grandma, two of the craftiest ladies ever, now reside. My grandma, Nanny, was an incredible needlepoint artist and skilled sewer, and my great-grandmother was a professional finisher of high end clothing designs in the Garment District of NYC in the early 20th century (after immigrating from France!). I'm a proud 4th generation crafter and I am committed to keeping the dream alive.

More than anything, So Gingerly is my way of making you happy. If there anything I can do, please let me know!