cotton masks

The CDC recommends, and many state and local governments are requiring, that people wear masks, or some type of face covering, while in public. Doing so is a social good because it contributes to international efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, flattens the curve, and keeps our communities healthier and safer in these pandemic times.

Below you'll find a fun and colorful selection of So Gingerly cotton masks. Fabric selections will be updated regularly, so check back often.

These are all one-size-fits-many, but custom options are available at no extra fee. Please use this form to submit a custom request!

For the month of June 2020, $5 from each mask purchased from So Gingerly will be routed to QTBIPOC folx (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in need by way of Mutual Aid giving, primarily in the Southeast US. I will share the information about the folx I contribute to directly on my Instagram stories as frequently as I contribute!

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