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toddler toolbelt - the berry picker

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toddler toolbelt - the berry picker
toddler toolbelt - the berry picker

The Toddler Toolbelt is an apron/toolbelt hybrid for small kids with big imagination. Constructed of carefully selected coordinating cotton quilting fabrics that become pockets, lined with natural cotton batting to give stability/sturdiness, and finished two 26" lengths of natural cotton twill tape for tying that is both lightweight and strong.

For ideas about things kids can store in their Toddler Toolbelts, check out my blog post about them on my blog.

Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 9" wide, 2-26" cotton straps, 5 pockets (3-2" pockets and 2-1.25" pockets). Care: Machine wash in warm water with your regular detergent. Dry on medium. Remove from the dyers and smooth fabric with hands or lightly iron on cotton setting.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Do not leave child unattended while using a Toddler Toolbelt as the belt strings present a choking/strangulation hazard.

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