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toddler toolbelt - the naturalist

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toddler toolbelt - the naturalist
toddler toolbelt - the naturalist

The Toddler Toolbelt is an apron/toolbelt hybrid for small kids with big imagination. Constructed of carefully selected coordinating cotton quilting fabrics that become pockets, lined with natural cotton batting to give stability/sturdiness, and finished two 26" lengths of natural cotton twill tape for tying that is both lightweight and strong.

This toolbelt was made with hand-marbled fabrics created by a dear friend of mine who also happens to be a preservation librarian! For ideas about things kids can store in their Toddler Toolbelts, check out my blog post about them on my blog.

Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 9" wide, 2-26" cotton straps, 5 pockets (3-2" pockets and 2-1.25" pockets).

Care: Machine wash in warm water with your regular detergent. Dry on medium. Remove from the dyers and smooth fabric with hands or lightly iron on cotton setting.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Do not leave child unattended while using a Toddler Toolbelt as the belt strings present a choking/strangulation hazard.

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